The Nude Lip Lineup | Shakespeare & Sparkle

A few years back I was a bright lip kind of girl through and through, but lately I’ve found myself gravitating more towards nude lips. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my classic reds and poppy pinks, but there’s just something so easy about slapping on a nude lip that you know won’t stain absolutely everything you touch. I’ve recently added a couple more nude lipsticks to my collection in the form of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, so I thought I’d give you a mini review on them and share some of my old favourites too while we’re at it.


The Nude Lip Lineup | Shakespeare & Sparkle

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream |Stockholm & Zurich

Ever since NYX launched here last month, I’ve been trying to get my hands on these matte lippies. But they’ve been constantly sold out. After stalking the shelves for a good few weeks I finally managed to get my hands on the two shades I wanted; Stockholm and Zurich. (Both were the last tubes on the shelves!). Stockholm is a lighter peachy nude and Zurich is more of a dark mauve, but they’re both perfect for that pretty nude lip.

At first I was a bit disappointed in the formula and didn’t really feel like they were worth the hype. They apply really creamy and like all NYX lippies they smell absolutely yummy. But I found them very drying and after a few hours they’d start to crack on my lips. But after wearing them more I’ve actually started to love them, so I’ve pinned it down to my inexperience with liquid lipsticks. They’re really matte and you’ll still need a generous amount of lip balm, but they stay put for hours and the shades are gorgeous!

The Nude Lip Lineup | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine | Boy

This Chanel lipstick is currently my one true nude lip love. (That you’ve probably noticed since I can’t shut up about it!). First of all, the packaging is so beautiful that I want to give out a little happy scream every time I look at it. And the lipstick on the inside is just as good. It’s so soft and creamy that you feel like you’re wearing nothing on your lips. And the shade Boy is a warm brown toned pink that’s so easy to wear you don’t even need a mirror.

The Nude Lip Lineup | Shakespeare & Sparkle

MAC | Mehr

You can’t really do a nude lip lineup without including a couple of MAC lippies, can you? Up until a few months ago my favourite MAC nude lip would’ve definitely been Patisserie. But it’s since been taken over by Mehr. I love the MAC matte formula since I find it to be really creamy and comfortable, and Mehr is the perfect mauvy my lips but better shade.

MAC | Shy Girl

Shy Girl was one of my first MAC lipsticks, and also my first (and only) actual nude. I’m not usually one to go for something that’s a lighter than my own lip colour. Since my lips are naturally almost colorless and true nudes can easily wash me out. But Shy Girl is a beautiful sheeny peach with just enough colour to it. And the cream sheen formula feels really creamy on the lips.

What’s your favourite nude lip?


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