10 Things About Paris | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Happy Sunday lovelies! It’s been about two months since our trip to Paris, and I’m finally here to share the last batch of photos. Although I have to say that right now my Paris longing is at an all time high again. I guess going through photos of spring-y Paris wasn’t the best idea when it’s snowing again outside…

To go along with the photos I thought I’d share some of my best tips and observations that I made while in Paris. First, I have to confess that I’ve blatantly stolen this post idea from one of my favourite bloggers, Alexa Dagmar. Her posts about observations she has made on her travels are some of my favourite ones to read. But without further ado, here are 10 things I’ve noticed about Paris:


10 Things About Paris | Shakespeare & Sparkle

– Streets have scents. Most shops have their doors open, so everywhere you walk you’re bombarded by scents, from the fromagerie to the charcuterie & parfumerie.

– Metro is the fastest and easiest way to get around, and the Paris metro map is relatively easy to master. That said, there are some metro stations, like Les Invalides, where the signs are not great and you can easily get lost for ages.

– If you do decide to go for the metro, the cheapest option is usually to get the Navigo card the locals use. In most places you can also recharge it fast & easy without having to queue for the ticket machines. But, if you get the card make sure it has a photo or you might have to pay a fine.

10 Things About Paris | Shakespeare & Sparkle

– The two most common myths about Parisian customer service people aren’t always true. Most of the people we came across spoke good English and the service we got was incredibly friendly.

– Customer service isn’t about the customer being right. For example, I walked into a pharmacy asking for a brightening serum, to which the sales lady responded: “No, you don’t need brightening, you need hydrating”. Then promptly handed me a moisturizing serum. I was so surprised I actually bought it.

10 Things About Paris | Shakespeare & Sparkle

– Most places are closed on Mondays. From restaurants to museums, many places have their doors closed on Mondays.

– In general, restaurants can be open at pretty random times, so it’s always best to check. One of the restaurants on my list was closed on Tuesdays and another only open on Saturdays for three hours in the morning. Also, almost all restaurants are closed between lunch & dinner hours.

10 Things About Paris | Shakespeare & Sparkle

– Baguettes & croissants are literally everywhere, and they are delicious. Even the croissants sold at the supermarkets in Paris are worlds better than any I’ve had at a Finnish café.

– There’s a best for everything. One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to restaurants in Paris is that there’s always a best for everything. Our Parisian friends never take us to just eat ‘crepes’ or ‘a burger’, it’s always ‘the best burger’ or ‘the best crepes’ in Paris. Same goes for looking at TripAdvisor recommendations.

– It pays to know a local. For the best tips on where to go and what to eat in Paris, you have to ask a local. But if you don’t know any Parisians, try the concierge at your hotel. They can always point you to the best neighbourhood bakery.