About Shakespeare & Sparkle



An aspiring French girl, minimalist & beauty blogger, with a love for lazy Sunday mornings, macarons and Paris.


Hi there! I’m Jenni, a twenty-something Finnish blogger, Francophile and beauty enthusiast.

In addition to all things French, I’m a fan of minimalist makeup, striped tops, white interiors and pasta (with mounds of parmesan of course!). I’m currently based in Tampere, but my British boyfriend has me hopping to London at least once a year.




Shakespeare & Sparkle is a French inspired beauty & lifestyle blog filled with simple beauty tips for girls who like to emphasize, not hide, what they’ve got.


The story of Shakespeare & Sparkle started three years ago as a little creative outlet from my English literature studies (hence the Shakespeare). A girl can only write about 17th century poets for so long…

And to this day it’s still all about appreciating the petite joys in life, whether it be a good book, a Diptyque candle or that perfect shade of nude lipstick. Born and raised in Finland, I’m all about combining that simple Scandinavian style with a little French flair, in beauty, style & in life.

If you could have croissants for breakfast every morning, love fancy French beauty brands, natural skincare, Breton tops and combining lipstick with literature, you’ll feel right at home here!