Best Budget Beauty Buys

Despite my not so secret love for luxury beauty, most of my beauty buys are more in the budget range of things. As a university student my beauty budget is far from what I’d like it to be (which is pretty much endless). And I’m often forced to try and find less expensive options for some of the hyped up products. So today I’m sharing five of my all time favourite budget beauty buys, in the hopes of helping you save a few bucks on your next beauty shopping trip too (’cause we all know those happen).

Best Budget Beauty Buys | Shakespeare & Sparkle


Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water

I love micellar waters when it comes to removing makeup, since they’re just a lazy girl’s best friend. Fast and easy peasy. Now you could go for the likes of Bioderma, but I’ve found that the Garnier Micellar Water gets rid of my makeup just as well without irritating my skin, and with only about third of the price.

Garnier Respons Hair Care

I love me some Bumble & Bumble, but I honestly can’t afford to be dishing out that much money on my shampoo on a regular basis. So most of the time I’ll opt for something from the Garnier Respons series. You have lots of options for shampoo & conditioner from nourishing to adding a serious boost of shine. All the products smell amazing, and they’re pretty much cheap as chips. And the newly branded packaging isn’t bad to look at either.

Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner

This one is an old favourite of mine that I bought on my very first trip to London (and Boots!) and continued to use for the next couple of years (don’t worry, this is not the same bottle). It’s a really black liquid liner that won’t budge from your eyes. And even though the stiff brush can sometimes give you a bit more dramatic look than you bargained for, this little bottle is what made me really master the flick. It’s also seriously long lasting, and will only cost you about two pounds.

Best Budget Beauty Buys | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

I know this maybe cheating a little bit, but I just couldn’t pick one product from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. Since all of the things I’ve tried from this brand are absolutely beautiful and amazing value for your money. The cheek palettes are pigmented and blendable, the eyeshadows rival the likes of UD and the lip glosses are the only honestly non-sticky ones I’ve ever managed to find. And that’s not even taking into account the gorgeous gold packaging…

H&M Beauty Makeup Brushes

I haven’t always been a fan of H&M makeup (although their new beauty range is gorgeous). But there’s one H&M beauty product I’ve always loved, and that’s their makeup brushes. They may not be the most amazing quality you’ll ever find, but they’re inexpensive, soft and fluffy and wash really well. I still use one of their eye brushes almost daily to blend my eyeshadow, and can’t imagine living without the cheek brush.

What are some of your favourite budget beauty buys?


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