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Happy Sunday loves! How is this year half gone already? July has now started and summer is in full swing, meaning that it’s time to look back on some of my favourite things from the past month. June was a funny old month since the weather pretty much went from beach temps, to me needing to get my winter jumpers out of storage, and then back again. But despite the temperamental weather, I tried to make most of my summer holiday and enjoyed a few summer celebrations. Here are my June moments:

The Sunday Post: June Moments | Shakespeare & Sparkle


One of the best things about summer is that there’s usually plenty of reasons for little celebrations. This month we celebrated our friends’ graduating uni with a lovely dinner, I hosted a going away party for one of my best gals that included sangria, cupcakes and tons of laughs, and had some friends over for a little impromptu midsummer party.


One of my favourite things about this past month was undoubtedly the fact that I’ve started cooking again. I’m pretty much the laziest cook. But thanks to having all that extra time when being on holiday, I actually learned a couple new recipes. From salmon with pesto veggies to my first actual risotto, I’m definitely starting to love cooking. Plus, isn’t summer food just the best?

The Sunday Post: June Moments | Shakespeare & Sparkle


Okay, I know this is so stereotypical blogger of me, but how could I not mention peonies? Next to white tulips they’re my favourite flower, and since the season is so short I’ve tried to enjoy them while I can. I had rubbish luck with my first bunch since they didn’t bloom at all, but the second one was just about the pretties little bunch of peonies I’ve ever seen. If I could have one super power, it would be to keep peonies alive forever.


This month I had the first stretch of my summer holiday, and it was absolutely brilliant to have days where I had no plans to even change out of my pj’s. I finished a couple of novels, enjoyed plenty of long walks with the pups, sunbathed on the balcony and ate all the berries I could get my hands on. Sometimes doing nothing can be quite wonderful.

What were your favourite June moments?



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