Thoughts On Testers | Absolution

Thoughts On Testers | Absolution Paris | Shakespeare & Sparkle

One of my favourite things about ordering beauty bits online is that most shops will always pop a couple of testers in with your order. Especially when ordering from natural cosmetics shops, I’m always excited to see what testers come along. Since most natural cosmetics brands are much less known, I’m usually in for a surprise. Last time I did an order on Jolie, I got a little selection of their spa series Absolution.

Absolution is a Parisian natural cosmetics brand, that you can recognize by the distinctly designed black & white packaging. Their products are vegan, organic and often packed full of superfoods. So it’s all good for you.


Thoughts On Testers | Absolution Paris | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Moisturizing Serum | Absolution Le Sérum Anti-Soif

This moisturizing serum is one of Absolution’s best-selling products, so I decided to test it first. It has a cooling, watery consistency that sinks into the skin leaving a finish that’s more matte than oily. It’s made with aloe vera and tea tree, so it’s the perfect soothing serum for spot-prone oily skin. I probably wouldn’t get this for myself, since I love a bit of radiance boosting action from my serum. I also wasn’t crazy about the aloe vera scent.

Would I buy it? No.

Cleansing Gel | Absolution Le Nettoyant Pureté

Now this one, I loved. It’s a really gentle cleansing gel packed full of soothing chamomile. Which makes it the perfect cleanser for even the most sensitive skinned girls. However, my favourite thing about it was that it seriously melts away makeup. This cleanser made easy work of even waterproof liquid liner, and left zero makeup residue after just one cleanse. (Miracle stuff!). It didn’t dry out my skin at all, and left it feeling clean and silky soft.

Would I buy it? Maybe.

Radiant Booster Serum | Absolution La Solution + Éclat

Much like the other serum, this one also has a quickly absorbing watery consistency, and a rather hideous scent. But instead of hydrating, this serum is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, to renew and smooth out the skin. With a bit raspberry bush in the mix as well, to brighten and tighten the skin. It’s a lightweight serum that adds a lovely radiance to the skin.

Would I buy it? Maybe.

Scrub | Absolution La Crème Gommante

Since falling out of love with my Estelle & Thild Micro Polish, I’ve been looking for a good new scrub, and I think this one might be it. It has a slightly grainy creamy texture, and I especially loved the fact that it’s both a manual & acid exfoliator. My skin is pretty sensitive, so the manual exfoliation made it a bit red at first. But after a few minutes my skin looked incredibly smooth and radiant, all thanks to the fruit acids. I will definitely be picking up a full bottle of this scrub.

Would I buy it? Yes.

Have you tried anything by Absolution?

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