Lush Bath Haul

Lush Bath Haul | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Having a Lush bath has been one of the top things on my beauty bucket list for the past few years. After seeing many a Lush bath haul done by beauty bloggers, and walking past the sweetly scented store a few times, I was constantly lusting after their colorful and fragrant bath bits. So when I found out that our Paris hotel would have a bath tub, I went all out and bought a different bath product to pop into my bath for every day.


Lush Bath Haul | Shakespeare & Sparkle

A French Kiss | Bubble Bar

This little lilac mountain was at the top of my shopping list. And with a name like French kiss, how could it not be? It also quickly became my favourite bit of the entire Lush bath haul. After crumbling it under running water, I was left with a purple bath full of heaps of luscious white bubbles, that are so dense you can build little foam mountains out of them. The scent is a heavenly combination of lavender and rosemary. That makes it the ultimate pick for a relaxing bath that will also guarantee you a good night’s sleep. Add to that the fact that it has hydrating coconut milk, and you pretty much have my dream bath.

Lush Bath Haul | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

A pink bubble bar that looks like a giant macaron and smells like roses was obviously something I simply couldn’t resist. The bubbles on this one were not as great as with the French kiss, but it did leave my bath water a beautiful rosy pink colour. I was a bit concerned about the glitter in it, but luckily it didn’t leave my skin (or bath) sparkly. The sweet rose jam scent with refreshing lemon is just gorgeous, and the coconut oil & shea butter left my skin feeling nourished and soft.

Tisty Tosty | Bath Ballistic

Now this one was something I had to get simply because it was Valentine’s day, and you really can’t get more romantic that combining a heart shape with rose buds. It’s a little heart-shaped bath ballistic with a lovely floral rose & jasmine scent. But what makes it truly unique are the little rose buds hidden inside. The idea is sweet and romantic. But I have to say that in practice I found the dried rose buds floating in my bath to be a bit weird.

Lush Bath Haul | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Butter Ball | Bath Ballistic

This one was another fast favourite, and one that I knew I would love. It’s a little white ball packed full of moisturizing cocoa butter and sweet vanilla. I loved how smooth and hydrated this made my skin feel, and vanilla is possibly my all time favourite scent. I read on the Lush website that you can also use this for giving your feet a little pamper, so now that I don’t have a bath anymore, I might have to buy some more just for that.

Lush Bath Haul | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Floating Island | Bath Oil

Now this one I really thought I’d love, but I just felt like it did nothing at all. First of all, I was told by the sales lady that it would smell like vanilla. But the scent is actually sandalwood and citrus, so it’s no wonder I couldn’t smell the vanilla. Which is a bit misleading, since the whole thing looks like a little blob of vanilla ice cream and actually has a vanilla stick sticking out of it. It’s also supposed to be a really nourishing and moisturizing bath oil. But I felt no difference in my skin after popping it in the bath.

Have you tried any Lush bath bits? What’s your favourite?

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