3 Recent Lifestyle Reads

Lifestyle books are some of my favourite ones to shop, since they’re among the easiest books to dip in and out of. I don’t actually end up rereading full novels that often, but with lifestyle books I’ll often find myself flipping through the pages looking for inspiration. I’ve picked up a few new lifestyle reads lately, and figured I’d share quick reviews what turned out to be one love, one like and one miss.


The Little Book of Hygge | Meik Wiking

Lifestyle Books | Shakespeare & SparkleThis little book is so massively popular that I actually had some trouble getting my hands on it, but it’s no wonder since I absolutely adored this book. It’s a lifestyle book all about the trickily translatable Danish concept of hygge. Basically it’s all about appreciating the little things in life; candles, cocoa and all things snuggly. Just the simple act of reading this book will make you happier.

It | Alexa Chung

It’s not often that I give a book a truly bad review, but this is one of those cases. This is one of those blogger books that just about every blogger seems to own, so I simply had to pick it up to see what all the fuss was about. And to be honest, I don’t get it at all. The book is a collection of personal essays and photographs by the ever so cool Alexa Chung. If you’re a serious Alexa fangirl, you might enjoy it. But besides the obviously Instagrammable cover, this book didn’t seem to have any value for me.

All In Good Taste | Kate Spade New York

I’ve always loved the fun, feminine and quirky aesthetic of Kate Spade. So I already owned one of their books before this one. All In Good Taste is a book all about entertaining and the art of throwing a fabulous soirée. From food and drinks to invitations and playlists, this book has everything you could possibly need for throwing a party. And it’s all done with the amazing Kate Spade flair. I also loved the little personal essays and anecdotes thrown in, since great memories are really what parties are all about.

Have you read any great lifestyle books lately?

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    1. Jenni 07 April, 2017 at 09:22

      Thanks Lyndi! It’s such a lovely read, isnt’ it? xx

  1. Katja 19 May, 2017 at 09:48

    Kiitos vinnkkistä Hygge kirjasta pitää lukea. <3

    1. Jenni 19 May, 2017 at 10:33

      Hygge on ihana, kannattaa ehdottomasti vilkaista 🙂 xx


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