Goop Clean Beauty & 6 Easy Detox Tips

In the past year or so I’ve gotten more and more interested in natural cosmetics and living a healthy lifestyle. So when Goop Clean Beauty popped up in my book recommendations, I immediately placed an order. (Although it might’ve also had something to do with that gorgeous cover). Goop Clean Beauty is a guide to a healthy body, a natural glow and a happy, mindful life, written by the editors of Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site Goop. In the recent years Gwyneth Paltrow has become a bit of clean life guru (and you can’t deny the fact that she always looks gorgeously glowing) so I was excited to see what this book would have to offer.

I first bought Goop Clean Beauty mainly because it was so beautiful. I was drawn to the gorgeous photos of fresh-faced and smiling ladies, vibrant fruit and luscious blooms. Simply flipping through the pages of this book is guaranteed to make you feel calm and happy. Secondly, it’s chock-full of information all about beauty & living the clean life.


Goop Clean Beauty & 6 Easy Detox Tips

The book is divided into two main sections; Beauty from the Inside Out & Your Clean Beauty Routine. The approach to beauty is holistic, all about how our lifestyle affects our glow. (It reminded me of The French Beauty Solution). The book starts with a rather lengthy detox section, then goes on to cover environmental effects and the importance of getting your beauty sleep. The second section covers everything from hair and makeup tips to treating acne-prone or sensitive skin, and goes through the good, the bad and the ugly of beauty product ingredients.

It’s definitely not a light read, since it gives you plenty of science and experts. Some of the detox tips in the book can also be a bit extreme (you’ll never see me doing a colonoscopy just to ‘get the glow’). But, it has everything from detox recipes to beauty boosting superfoods, along with a foam rolling routine and a meditation exercise. So if you’re truly interested in living the clean life, then this book is the ultimate guide.

Goop Clean Beauty & 6 Easy Detox Tips

6 Easy Detox Tips

  1. Start your day with hot lemon water | It balances your body’s pH and gives you a boost of vitamin C.
  2. Sweat it off in sauna | As a Finn going to sauna is a pretty regular thing for me anyways. But, outside from the relaxing effect, I’ve never really thought about the health benefits of sauna.
  3. Try yoga | The deep breathing detoxifies your body & calms your mind.
  4. Skip the sugar & alcohol| Load up on beauty superfoods like blueberries, salmon and avocado instead.
  5. Try foam rolling | It hurts like a b**ch, but it increases blood flow and flushes toxins.
  6. Switch to clean cosmetics | The easiest way to detox is to minimize the amount of toxins in your body in the first place. So think about switching some of your cosmetics to clean options.

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