Sunday Pinspiration

Happy Sunday lovelies! Let me tell you people, this week has been absolutely glorious. The weather finally turned and we got to enjoy some of the warmest days of the year so far. It finally feels like spring. The grass is getting greener every day, and I even spent my first sun soaked afternoon reading on the balcony (bliss!).

So far May has been a month full of happiness and expectation for me. We finalized our travel plans for London, and the engagement party prep is in full swing. (We just sent out the invitations today!). Now all I need is to find the perfect dress and finally pick up some peonies (’tis the season!) to prettify our place and I’m pretty much golden. I hope your weekend has been full of sun too.

Inspired by this week…

  1. Brush lettering: I’ve always had a soft spot for sweet brush lettering, but this one takes the cake for me. I mean, blush and French quotes? How could it not.
  2. Favourite outfit: I’d happily wear this little striped dress with a white crossbody bag.
  3. Bohemian details: I’ve been working on getting our balcony prepped for summer all week, and I’m thinking string lights, patterned pillows and tassels.
  4. Yoga: I’ve fallen back in love with air yoga and I’m making it my mission to go at least once every week in May.
  5. Planning for our London trip: I booked us an afternoon tea at the pink heaven that is Sketch.

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