Sunday Pinspiration

Happy Sunday lovelies! I meant to apologize for the sudden disappearing act last week, but there’s been quite a lot going on lately. Last weekend I headed off to Helsinki for a friends’ housewarming party, and had the best time drinking wine and munching on some pretty amazing cheesecake. And cheering on the Eurovision of course.

Then early Sunday morning I hopped on a bus again to go home for mother’s day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we decided to hit the stables. I’ve mentioned my love for horses a few times and I’m definitely a country girl at heart. It was wonderful to be back in my element and nothing makes me as truly happy as sitting on the back of a horse on a sunny day.

It’s finally starting to feel like summer is on it’s way, and the warm weather has had me excited for shopping for all the summer clothes. Bring on the dresses and playsuits! Not to mention the fact that it’s only two weeks until my summer holiday. Where has the time gone?

Inspired by this week…

  1. Minimalist interiors | I’m still riding the minimalist train and trying to incorporate some of the ideas for my home as well
  2. Pink doors & Parisian architecture | We had our engagement photos taken this week (Paris-inspired of course) and I can’t wait to see (and share!) the final result.
  3. Baking | I’m still planning the menu for our engagement party. I’m thinking some summer berry tarts are definitely on the list.
  4. Listening to | Harry Styles’ new solo album finally came out and I’ve been listening to it non stop.
  5. Dreaming of | Slow holiday mornings spent in bed.
  6. Pinning | All the wedding things. This post by Kate La Vie about things she’s learned during wedding planning was just brilliant.

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