6 Things to Do If You’re French Obsessed (But Can’t Afford the Plane Ticket)

6 Things to Do If You're French Obsessed (But Can't Afford the Plane Ticket) | Shakespeare & Sparkle

I’ve been obsessed with Paris and all things French pretty much as long as I can remember. Growing up traveling wasn’t something that my family could afford. So I spent my days dreaming about strolling the streets in Le Marais. I watched every French movie that I could find in our tiny local library, took French as an optional subject in school and pored through Paris travel guides.

Even though I’m now lucky enough to travel to Paris every couple of years, I know that for everyone hopping on a plane might not be an option. So here are six things to do if you’re French obsessed, but can’t quite make the trip.


6 Things to Do If You're French Obsessed (But Can't Afford the Plane Ticket) | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Follow French Instagram Accounts

Instagram is one of my favourite sources of French inspiration, and my first port of call whenever I need a little dose of Paris in my life. Whether it’s to take a peek at the Eiffel tower, see the cherry blossoms in the spring or just drool over French pastries, Instagram has it all. I’ve listed a few of my French inspired favourites below, and you can find more in this post.

The Francophiles | Paris in Four MonthsFrench Girl OrganicsA Parisian MomentKatie OneFrench Words

Watch a French Movie (or a movie set in France)

I think movies must have been where my obsession with all things French begun. The views, the language, the music.. Sitting in a movie theater is about as close to visiting France you’ll ever get without actually boarding a plane. Amélie is an obvious classic, but I also love Midnight in Paris.

6 Things to Do If You're French Obsessed (But Can't Afford the Plane Ticket) | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Read About It

As a serious book lover, it makes sense that my favourite way to feed my French obsessed heart has always been through books. Whether it’s poring through French authors from Marcel Proust to Anna Gavalda, or just reading novels that are set in Paris. Books are a brilliant way to travel without needing to spend a dime. For books tips check out my Paris book collection here.

Listen to French Music

Give your French girl fantasy life a soundtrack. Listening to classic French songs (think accordions) can immediately transport me to the streets of Paris. Pick a playlist like Un Weekend à Paris or try my current music obsession, Amir Au cœur de moi.

6 Things to Do If You're French Obsessed (But Can't Afford the Plane Ticket) | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Subscribe to the La Parisienne Newsletter

This newsletter invented for the French obsessed ladies is currently one of my favourite things on the planet. About once a week an email pops into my inbox giving me tips on how to live like a French girl without ever stepping foot in Paris. It covers everything from pastry recipes to Parisian decorating tips and fun quizzes like what your favourite Paris monument says about you. (For the record, mine is “You are an Eiffel Tower of a human: bright, sparkly, and just un tout petit peu basic”. Which I think just about sums me up). You can sign up here.

Find Yourself a French Spot

Try to find a little bit of Paris in your own town. Maybe it’s a bistro that serves the best French classics, a café with the flakiest croissants or a bridge full of love locks reminiscent of Pont des Arts. Most cities will have at least one French inspired little spot.

Take a French Class

Taking a French class is not only a great way to immerse yourself in the language. But also to learn plenty about French culture as well. I studied French for five years. And in addition to learning all about the passé composé, we also made French food and saw French films. And let’s face it, you might as well learn the language for that trip you’re eventually going to take anyway. 😉

 Are you French obsessed?

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  1. Emma 02 June, 2017 at 10:54

    Great tips! love some French related content x

    Emma | Reverie de Paris

    1. Jenni 02 June, 2017 at 14:54

      Me too, I’m all about that French content 😉 xx


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