How to Build a Minimalist Beauty Collection

As I’m sure you know by now, I’ve been on a bit of a minimalist kick lately. While I’ll never be one of those people who only own one lipstick (how do they do it?), I could definitely afford to be a bit more minimalist with my beauty collection. As a beauty blogger it’s all too easy to get swept away by all the shiny new things. And build up a beauty collection that no one person could ever use in a lifetime. So here are some of the things I’m currently doing to transform my beauty stash into a minimalist beauty collection:


How to Build a Minimalist Beauty Collection | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Use Up What You Have

Since we’re programmed to love new things over things we’ve had laying around for some time, it’s easy to end up with quite a few half-used beauty bits. Lately I’ve really made the effort to put the things I need to use up at the front of my stash, to make sure that they actually get used. I’ve also adopted a ‘1 in 1 out’ policy. So I can’t buy a new face mask until I’ve used up at least one of the ones that I already own.

Stop Buying What You Already Have

While going through my beauty stash I took stock of all the beauty bits that I own. And discovered that I tend to buy a lot of things in the same category. I have a billion nude lipsticks, champagne highlighters and neutral eyeshadow palettes. So I definitely don’t need to buy any more of those.

Only Buy What You Need

This one is related to the two previous points. After taking stock of everything you own, finding the products you need to use up and the products you already own more than enough of. It should be easy to see what you actually need. Only buy new things as you run out, or to fill up a hole in your collection.

How to Build a Minimalist Beauty Collection | Shakespeare & Sparkle

You Only Need One

There are beauty categories where having more than one is perfectly justified. While I could never get by with just one lipstick or nail polish, I definitely don’t need five foundations or six mascaras. Honestly, we all have just one face, so the amount of makeup we can put on it is undoubtedly limited.

How to Build a Minimalist Beauty Collection | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Try A Beauty Challenge

This one is mainly just for fun. To really narrow down your minimalist beauty collection and find out what products are truly your must-haves, try a beauty challenge. Maybe it’s having a capsule makeup collection. Or trying a minimalist beauty experiment along the lines of Anuschka Rees; she actually used only five makeup products for an entire month.

Stock Up on Multi-Tasking Products

A great way to streamline your beauty and a have a more minimalist beauty collection is having a lot of your products be multi-taskers. So instead of having a bunch of different bottles and pots, you can have one brilliant do-it-all. A few of my favourite multi-tasking products are the Nuxe Dry Oil, The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Mask and the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick.

Make Sure You Love Everything You Have

This is what minimalism is really all about for me. I’ll never have a minimalist beauty collection in the sense of owning just one of everything (for starters, it would make for a pretty boring beauty blog). But I can make sure that my beauty stash only has the right things. The things that suit me just perfect and add joy to my life every time I use them.

Are you going to try a minimalist beauty collection?

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  1. Katja 01 June, 2017 at 11:37

    Kiitos ihanasta postauksesta! sama täällä on minimalistesti meikkiä. Ne tärkeät ja mitkä käytää. <3

    1. Jenni 01 June, 2017 at 20:52

      Kiitos ihana! <3 Kiva kuulla että samassa veneessä ollaan 🙂 xx


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