I’m an Instagram obsessive and can easily spend hours not only looking through other peoples feeds, but also perfecting my own. I love having a cohesive feed of bright & airy photos with a nice mix of beauty and lifestyle snaps. I get a few questions every month in my Instagram about how I edit my photos. So I figured I’d do a little post listing all my favourite apps and how I use them.


How I Edit My Instagram Photos | Shakespeare & Sparkle


This one is by far my favourite photo editing app, and the one I use to edit every single one of my Instagram photos. I always start by adding a filter, then adjusting the brightness, clarity and sharpness to make the photo look crisp and bright. Sometimes I’ll also adjust the saturation or temperature to cool things down.

  • Filters | Pop: adds brightness, vibrancy & contrast.
  • Tools | Clarity, Bright & Sharpen

How I Edit My Instagram Photos | Shakespeare & Sparkle


This one app is a more recent discovery, and I don’t necessarily use it every time. That said, it has some brilliant fixes for erasing little mistakes (say your sock is in the photo) and bringing out details. However, my favourite tool is definitely the whitening ‘toothbrush’ that gets rid of any grey-ness or awkward shadows in photos.

  • Whiten | Removes shadows & grey or yellow tones.
  • Details | Brings out details such as text.
  • Patch | Removes things you might not want in the photo.
  • Filters | Brighten: adds light & brightness.

Finally, this app isn’t really about editing Insta snaps, but more about how I manage my Instagram feed. Mosaico is a scheduling app, that allows you to plan out your Instagram posts so you see how each photo would fit into your feed. It also lets you put in captions and hashtags, and see what your feed would look if you deleted an image. If you’re into having a cohesive Instagram feed, this app is a must.

What’s your favourite photo editing app?

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  1. Elena Isabelle 01 June, 2017 at 17:03

    Afterlight and vsco have to my go to apps when it comes to instagram. yours is just goals.


    1. Jenni 01 June, 2017 at 20:51

      Thanks so much Elena, that’s just lovely to hear! ❤︎ I’ve used vsco too in the past, but I find that Colorstory is just easier. xx

    1. Jenni 02 June, 2017 at 14:53

      Thanks sweetie! xx


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