Let’s Catch Up..

Hello, it’s me! Still remember me? My blog break turned out to be a lot longer than I originally thought. Not only was I crazy busy with school and work, I ran into some tech issues and literally could not write posts. But luckily the blog is now back online and everything’s hopefully (fingers crossed) working as it should be. And on the bright side, the tech issues gave me a good excuse to revamp the look a bit too. I hope you like it!

As if all of that wasn’t enough already, there’s been some pretty major changes going on with my life as well. My fiancé got a job in Helsinki, which means that in about a month we’ll be moving to another city. We’re currently knee-deep in house hunting, while I’m also trying to get a job and finish my thesis. Yikes! Obviously I’m excited to start a new life in a new city. But the uncertainty is also keeping me up at night. Luckily things have a tendency to work out.

Last weekend I got to have a taste of Helsinki and fall in love with my new hometown, when I headed to the capital for a girls’ weekend. Does it really get any better than wine, card games, pancakes and summer weather?

This week I was inspired by…

  1. Interiors | The house hunting has me itching for a new place to decorate.
  2. Yoga | Lately wellbeing has become more and more important to me, and my weekly yoga class is what keeps me sane. (Another new favourite of mine is the Rrayyme-blog).
  3. Minimalism | Minimalism as a philosophy has fascinated me for some time, and preparing to pack up everything I own is making it even more relevant.
  4. Beauty Purge | As a beauty blogger it’s all to easy to build up a crazy beauty collection and with the move approaching I’m trying to be ruthless.
  5. Wedding Plans | In addition to moving and job hunting, we really need to start planning for our wedding. Right now the thought of eloping is starting to sound pretty appealing…

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  1. Kelsey 19 August, 2017 at 02:28

    WOW sweet girl!! You have so much on your plate. But first off – welcome back! And my first thought was hey did she change things around here?? haha it looks so good!

    As someone who just did a big move (though maybe not as big as yours) good luck! It’s definitely a stressful time, but I am hoping you get some new memories out of it and a wonderful new home. So happy to have you back blogging love! xo

    Kelsey | http://www.abalancingpeach.com

    1. Jenni 19 August, 2017 at 10:37

      Thanks so much lovely, it’s so good to be back!

      Gosh, I thought your move was even bigger than mine, but you seem to have come out of it on top, so that gives me hope that things will work out for me too. And thanks for the luck, I’ll definitely need it! xx


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