How My Relationship with Blogging Has Changed

How My Relationship with Blogging Has Changed | Shakespeare &Sparkle

When I first stumbled into the blogging world I was a 23-year-old university student looking for a creative outlet to balance out my English studies. I became enamoured by the world of beautiful flatlays, luxurious beauty buys and what seemed like the possibility to create a perfect online life. Three years in a lot has changed. So I feel like it’s time I had an honest chat with you about my thoughts on blogging now. Go get yourself a cuppa and settle in for a seriously rambley post.

How My Relationship with Blogging Has Changed | Shakespeare &Sparkle

Living with Less

After starting a beauty blog I quickly got sucked into the vortex of new beauty launches and the constant need to buy more stuff. What started out as a wonderful exploration into a whole new world of beauty, became a burden of being buried in beauty bits.

The unfortunate truth about blogs is that you can only show the same thing so many times before it gets boring and monotonous. There are obviously beauty bloggers who manage to blog without the constant need to shop (Rebecca being one of my favourites). But often it’s difficult not to feel like you should be buying all the shiny new things to share on your blog. I went from owning less than five lipsticks to owning more than 50 in a couple of years. (I’ve since cut down quite a bit).

One of the changes you’ll be seeing around here is me being more conscious with my consumption and buying less. I do expect to still fall in love with a new beauty launch or two (how could I not?). But mostly my plan is to use up what I have and only buy new things as I run out. That may mean less product reviews, but it will also mean more creative beauty content and shopping my stash. Which I’m hoping will also make this blog more relatable for those of you who might not have a huge beauty budget. And the positive side of my beauty binge in the past two years is that I’ve managed to find a few ride or die products that I’ll keep buying again and again.

Being Present

When I first started Shakespeare & Sparkle I felt so inspired by my little place on the internet that I could sometimes post several times a day. I would post about whatever inspired me. And most of the time my posts went from ideas to publication all in the course of one day. Back then my Instagram was also still ‘instant’. But as blogging became more serious, in came the editorial calendars and shooting photos in bulk. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of planning and often it’s even necessary. But sometimes I find myself missing the instantaneous nature of it. Now I plan my posts often more than a month ahead. Which means that by the time I hit publish I’m sometimes no longer inspired by my own content.

So another change I want to make here is trying to live more in the now. If I read a book I absolutely love, I’ll post about it. It also means I won’t stick to a blogging schedule. Rather than forcing myself to blog on certain days, I’ll do it when I feel inspired. That might mean that some weeks there won’t be a post here, but some weeks I might post every single day.

How My Relationship with Blogging Has Changed | Shakespeare &Sparkle

Make It Meaningful

To be perfectly honest, I never really thought much about readers when starting my blog. I just wanted to share the things that inspired me, things that I loved. What possible value, if any, my blog could add to someone else’s life never really entered the equation. But the longer I blog (and the older I get) the more I find myself wanting to make Shakespeare & Sparkle more meaningful both for myself, and for you guys. While my thoughts on Lancome’s latest launch can certainly be important in their own way, I want to write more posts that will last time. Posts that people will come back to. And that will add actual value to people’s lives, whether in the form of information or inspiration.

I want to make well thought out content, and focus on quality rather than quantity. Along the same lines, I also want to share more things that add meaning to my life. Right now wellness and minimalism are both becoming important things in my life, but they’ve mostly stayed exempt from the blog. So you can expect a post or two on those topics to pop up.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on blogging.

Whether you’re a reader or fellow blogger, how do you feel about the changes in blogging?

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