essie Favorites by Alexa Dagmar

essie Favorites by Alexa Dagmar | Shakespeare & Sparkle essie Favorites by Alexa Dagmar | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Last week I got my very first PR package from L’Oréal. After peeling back the packaging (and spending a minute just pinching myself) I uncovered the prettiest collection of nude polishes. Sometimes it just so happens that two of your personal favourites come together, and essie Favorites by Alexa Dagmar is definitely one of those moments. Essie has been my nail polish brand of choice for as long as I can remember, and for the longest time it was the only nail polish I would buy. And Alexa‘s blog has been among my favourites for years. It’s also so great to finally see Finnish bloggers being noticed by big international brands.

essie Favorites by Alexa Dagmar

Essie Favorites by Alexa Dagmar is a collection of six neutral polishes, with shades that vary from the deepest black to brightest white. It’s a well balanced collection of classics that covers every occasion from party polishes to everyday nails, and from winter to summer. The only shade I felt the collection was missing is a good red, although I do get Alexa wanting to keep it all neutral.

essie Favorites by Alexa Dagmar | Shakespeare & SparkleBlanc

White is a fresh classic that I find myself reaching for every summer. And it’s obviously a necessity for that classic French mani too..

Buy Me A Cameo

Out of all the shades in the collection I was most intrigued by the metallic Buy Me A Cameo. All the other shades are pretty basic neutrals, this is the only shimmer. On the nails it’s a gorgeous rose gold that looks brilliant at parties, but also works great for adding just a little sparkle to your everyday. The only downside is that the metallic finish does leave visible brushstrokes.

Sand Tropez

This shade I already had in my collection (actually bought because of Alexa’s recommendation), and it’s the perfect cool pale nude.


Chinchilly is one of those blogger favourites that I never quite understood. I’ve owned it before, but passed it on since I found I just didn’t use it enough. However, I’ve now given the shade a second chance, and actually found myself liking this cashmere grey.


Wicked is one of the shades that I’ve wanted to add to my collection for ages. It’s a vampy dark red that’s practically identical to the iconic Chanel Rouge Noir.


I haven’t used black nail polish since my high school days. But I’m always admiring the irresistibly chic black manis on other ladies, so maybe I’ll finally have the guts to try and pull it off.

essie Favorites by Alexa Dagmar | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Finally, let’s play a little game. If you got to make a collection with essie, what would it include? The essie Favorites by Shakespeare & Sparkle would at least have Romper Room…

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  1. Alexa 27 August, 2017 at 19:47

    Aivan ihana postaus, kiitos! 😍 🎈

    1. Jenni 28 August, 2017 at 19:55

      Kiitos ihana! 😍

  2. Emma 28 August, 2017 at 14:54

    I love the sound of wicked, sounds right up my street. Chinchilly I’m always a bit meh over, it’s nice but nothing special in my opinion.

    My collection would definitely include Luxedo and eclair my love!

    Emma | Reverie de Paris

    1. Jenni 28 August, 2017 at 19:56

      Wicked is a classic for a reason 😉 I’ve always kind of felt the same about Chinchilly.

      Eclair my love is the perfect red! xx


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