New Year, New Me

Hey 2018! I’m sorry about the possibly most cliché blog title ever, but if there was ever a time that it felt appropriate for me, it’s now. Last year was a year of change for me. After getting engaged in the spring and studying up a storm all summer to finish my degree (which sadly, I did not), we decided to turn our lives upside down and move to Helsinki with only about a month’s notice. And after that, it’s been a whole new world for me.

The past few months have gone by in such a blur that I’ve barely had time to catch my breath. After coming back from London in September we signed a lease to an apartment in Helsinki, and on the same week I found a job. We spent the next month packing all our things and prepping for the move, and only a day after the move we both started at our new jobs. Phew!

After a few months, we’re now slowly starting to settle in. I’ve ventured out into our new neighbourhood, joined a gym and found the closest yoga studio, and I no longer have to spend an hour trying to find eggs at the grocery store (true story). We’ve made new friends, visited more restaurants than I can count and played tourists in our new home town. It’s been an insane and stressful time, but also so exciting and happy. I love my new job, I’m so grateful I get to do something that I find exciting and learn something new every day. I actually got my job partly because of this blog, which is something I never could’ve imagined. Now every morning I get to go to my little desk at the office and write about beauty and wellness all day long.

I wish that now that the move is over I could say that I’m going to be posting more regularly, but I think things are going to be a bit crazy around here for some time. So I hope you’ll bear with me while I figure this new life thing out. And now it’s a whole new year! I’ve always been someone who loves the new year and the promise of fresh beginnings, but I have to say that this year I’m especially excited. Here are some of my goals for the new year, along with a few things I’m most excited for.



I’ve always been quite a lazy cook, but this last autumn I finally got into cooking. (Partly due to Jamie Oliver’s new book 5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food). So this year I’m definitely planning on not just eating healthier, but also cooking more at home. In addition to flipping through the cookbooks on my shelf, I’ve also made a list of recipes to try in Pinterest, and I’m planning to try at least one new recipe a month.


After the move I’ve barely seen the inside of a gym, and it’s made a dent in not just my physical, but my mental wellbeing as well. Last year yoga became a beloved hobby of mine, and this year I’m hoping to explore my love even further. (I’m planning to attend at least one yoga festival, and hopefully one weekend retreat as well). I’m also planning on hitting the treadmill at least once a week, if only to keep my sanity.


Last year I made a resolution to read more (52 books to be exact). While I didn’t quite reach my goal, I did read a whole lot, and it was easy to see how much of a difference it made in my happiness. Honestly, I’m just never happier than when I’m getting lost between the pages of a book. So this year I’m planning to keep up the habit, and make reading a priority.


Last year was the year I discovered natural cosmetics, and since then I’ve become more and more conscious of all the things I put on my body. While I don’t think I’ll ever become a full convert (I just couldn’t give up my Chanel lippies), I definitely plan on making more of an effort to switch up my beauty bits to natural options. In addition to cosmetics I’m also in the process of updating our cleaning supplies to more natural ones, and I’m hoping to make more conscious and ethical choices in other areas as well.



In addition to natural cosmetics, last year was also the year I (and pretty much everyone else on the planet) discovered minimalism. During the move I really realized how much excess stuff we end up gathering, and how often I buy something on a whim. Especially as a beauty addict, it’s all too easy to end up with enough beauty bits for three lifetimes. So this year I’m trying to buy only what I actually need. In addition to my shopping habits, I’m also trying to apply minimalism as more of a life philosophy, on cutting out the excess and only keeping the things in my life that bring me joy.


  1. An anniversary trip to Paris next month.
  2. Wedding planning. While we’ve had a few chats about the wedding already, I’m looking forward to actually making some decisions for our big day.
  3. Attending a yoga festival & a natural cosmetics fair in March.
  4. Traveling to Germany in June for the wedding of one of my dearest friends.
  5. Starting to look for an apartment all our own!

Did you make any resolutions for the new year?

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  1. Katja 07 January, 2018 at 23:59

    miktä muut ruokakirjat ovat sinun suosikkia? <3 ihania tavoiteita!:) <3

    1. Jenni 08 January, 2018 at 19:14

      Kiitos ihana! Toinen ehdoton suosikki on Jamien Everyday Superfood, tai no, oikeastaan mikä tahansa Jamien kirja 😉 xx

      1. Katja 14 January, 2018 at 19:21

        Juu Jamien kirjat on kyllä tosi hyviä. <3

  2. Katri 09 January, 2018 at 11:49

    Ihana postaus, Jenni! <3 Mulla sama tuo kokkaustavoite, oon ihan vieraantunut keittiöstä vaikka ennen se oli yksi mun lemppariasioita… Täytyykin tutustua tuohon 5 ingredientsiin, kuulostaa tarpeeksi simppeliltä ja nopealta näin kärsimättömlle 😀

    Ihanaa, että oot menossa taas Pariisiin – mäkin huhtikuussa! So excited.

    1. Jenni 09 January, 2018 at 21:12

      Kiitos ihana Katri! <3 Suosittelen ehdottomasti, se on oikeasti pelastanut mun kokkaukset koko syksyn 😀

      Oih ihanaa, että sullakin on reissu luvassa! Täälläkin innolla jo odotellaan.. xx


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