5 Products to Perk Up Tired Skin

Even though I’m already looking forward to brighter spring days, there is one downside to spring. And that is tiredness. At least for me it happens every spring. Even though the sunny days and increase in light cheer me up, they also make my sleeping rhythm go haywire. Luckily some fresh air, healthy snacks and sticking to my routines are usually all it takes for me to feel better.

In addition to feeling tired, my skin can also look a bit tired in the spring. After the dry season of winter, my skin will often look pale, dehydrated and just plain tired. So here are a few beauty bits for a spring skin refresh, if you’re feeling like you need one too.

5 Products to Perk Up Tired Skin

5 Products to Perk Up Tired Skin | Shakespeare & Sparkle


Skin burns even easier in the spring than during the summer, since after winter it has lost some of its protective barrier. Still most of us (myself included) don’t start using sunscreen until May the earliest. My favourite sunscreen for the face is the Lierac Sunissime Energizing Protective Fluid, since it not only protects my skin from harmful rays, but also includes energizing protaurine, that gives my skin the loveliest glow.


Lancomen Énergie de Vie is without a doubt one of my favourite beauty bits. Even though I prefer my moisturizers to be a bit heavier in the winter, as soon as the spring sun comes out I’m reaching for these beauties again. My favourite product is the liquid moisturizer, that despite its lightness is packed full of skin treating super ingredients like goji berries and lemon balm. They’re meant to give your skin a boost of energy and antioxidants, while getting rid of any sings of tiredness. The fresh scent itself is enough to perk me up in the mornings! I also love the fact that they’ve managed to stuff both a moisturizer, serum and toner in the same product. A busy girl’s best friend!

5 Products to Perk Up Tired Skin | Shakespeare & Sparkle


The daytime sister of the popular Kiehl’s Midnight Recoveryn, Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate is basically the serum for brightening up tired skin. The bright yellow bottle is packed full of ginger root and sunflower oil. Which moisturize the skin and remove signs of skin fatigue. And if nothing else seems to help, at least the energizing ginger scent of this serum should wake you up in the morning.


In addition to great skincare bits, the best way to perk up tired skin is with a good primer. The pearly white Lumene Moisturizing & Illuminating Primer is packed full of arctic cloudberry and hyaluronic acid, which makes it the perfect primer for dehydrated and tired skin. Every time my skin needs a little extra light and moisture, I get this baby out.

5 Products to Perk Up Tired Skin | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Don’t forget the eyes

I had been wanting to try eye patches like these for some time, when I got the Nordic Treat Hydrogel Eye Patch as a tester with some beauty order. These sparkling wine and vitamin infused eye patches intensely hydrate the skin, reduce puffiness and feel amazingly cooling on the skin.

What’s your favourite product for tired skin?

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  1. Laura 05 March, 2018 at 07:31

    My favorite trick for a tired skin are cool eye patches, a facial massage and perhaps a cool sheet mask. I’m intrigued by the eye patches you mentioned, previously I’ve used any gel eye patches as long as they are cold. I really liked how this post was put together, really beautiful and complimenting photography!

    xx Laura / Laurantaina Beauty Blog

  2. Katja 15 June, 2018 at 09:31

    Moi! Mitkä on sinun kesäsunnitelmat?


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