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Hello Twenty-Nineteen | Shakespeare & Sparkle

Okay 2019, let’s do this thing! 2018 was a tough one for me, so to say I was a teensy bit excited for the New Year would be a massive understatement. I’ve been counting down the days to a fresh start for weeks. Honestly though, despite 2018 being a hard year, I still have so many things to be grateful for and it was a year of considerable growth for me.

But I’m so excited for the new year! My sister has a crazy theory that this is going to be my lucky year (because I was born on 19.9.1990 and will be 29 this year…), and while I’m not sure her theory is quite solid, I’m choosing to believe it anyway. Hope you all had the happiest New Year’s as well, now let’s take a look at some of my goals for 2019!



My #1 goal for 2019 is doing more of the things I love. Whether it’s going to my yoga class every Sunday, spending more time in bed with a good book, heading out the door with my camera in tow or scheduling some time for self-care in my calendar, I want this to be the year I focus on what makes me happy. Eat more pizza, drink more wine and spend more time with the people I love.

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Being a more responsible consumer was something that a lot of bloggers addressed last year, and it’s definitely been on my mind as well. I discovered minimalism about two years ago, and have been decluttering my space and trying to be more intentional about what I buy ever since. Last autumn I did MuchelleB’s 30 Days to Simplify Your Life challenge (it’s brilliant and I highly recommend!) and in January I’m having a no buy -month.
I’ve been switching all my cosmetics and cleaning products to more natural options and I’m trying to invest more in experiences than things. This year I also want to look into eating more plant-based and producing less waste (A Considered Life is my favourite resource for zero waste tips).


Growing up I was always very responsible with money, but over the past few years things have gotten a little out of hand. And since living by myself in Helsinki isn’t exactly cheap, I’m having to think a bit more carefully about where I spend my money. So this year I’m going to be learning all I can about finances & budgeting, making a plan for saving and possibly finding a side hustle.

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This might have been in my last year’s goals as well to be honest, and it’s one I’ve been making for probably the past five years (haven’t we all?). While I did get my gym mojo back last year and fell even more in love with yoga, this year I want to make being active even more a part of my everyday. This month I’m doing the 30 Day Yoga challenge from Yoga with Adriane and next month I’m planning on setting a goal of hitting 15 000 steps every day. And come summer I’ll be skipping the public transport and walking to places more, along with possibly buying a bike (with a cute little basket obviously).


During the past couple of years I really fell out of love with this little online space of mine, and have been struggling to get back to it ever since. After starting to work full-time I never just seemed to have enough time. And being the perfectionist that I am, I have about fifteen blogposts in drafts right now that never saw the light of day since I didn’t feel like they were good enough. But this year I’m really going to make an effort in getting back to blogging and realizing that I am enough. So prepare to see a post here and there, and maybe some more casual content with phone snaps and quick snippets of text.

  • Try being vegan for a week
  • Get a third tattoo
  • Find a charity you love & get involved
  • Finally get a facial
  • Go to an outdoor movie theater
  • Try standup paddleboarding
  • Finish decorating my apartment
  • Go to the ballet
  • Do a digital declutter
  • Eat your vitamins
  • Take more photos
  • Start putting my memories together in a scrapbook/photo album
  1. Travel! I’m planning on taking at least two trips this year, one to visit my friend in Berlin and another with my sister somewhere warm and beachy. I’m also hoping to fit in a little weekend trip to Paris at some point.
  2. Going on little adventures all by myself. I’ve only lived in Helsinki for about a year, so I’m looking forward to exploring my new hometown.
  3. The Helsinki Yoga Festival in March. I went for the first time last year and absolutely loved it.
  4. Seeing Ed Sheeran in July. One of my absolute faves is finally coming to Finland and I managed to snag a ticket for myself!
  5. Having a proper summer vacation. Last year I had just started at my new job, so I didn’t really have any vacation days, so this year I’m really looking forward to my full four weeks!

What are you most excited for in the new year? Have you made any resolutions?

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