My Top 5 Beauty Discoveries from 2018

I’m not in the habit of doing the traditional “beauty favourites of the year” roundup, since a lot of my favourite beauty bits are products I’ve used for years. (Like my MAC lipsticks and the NYX Micro Brow Pencil). But since as a beauty enthusiast I do still try out a fair few new things every year, I’ve occasionally done a roundup of my favourite beauty bits I discovered during the year. (Although now that I look at it, the last one I did was in 2015…). I know I’m a bit late to the party with this one (it being past mid-January by now), but nonetheless, here a five of my best beauty discoveries from 2018.



Without a doubt my favourite brand discovery of the entire year was the Finnish natural cosmetics brand YA naturae. Their beautiful skincare products are all locally made here in Helsinki, and they’re cheap as chips but still offer great quality. Unfortunately they don’t ship internationally as far as I know, but fingers crossed they will in the future!


While I’ve never really warmed up to the much hyped natural beauty brand Madara, last year I tried its less expensive baby sister Mossa and immediately fell in love. Their vitamin packed and berry-infused skincare bits have cute packaging, reasonable prices and amazing scents. My favourite product is the Restoring Night Cream, that’s packed full of blackberry and smells so yummy I could eat it.

Vichy Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water

I already raved about this product a bit during the summer, but it has seriously changed my SPF game. I’ve always been a bit of a lazy girl when it comes to SPF, and honestly I have a deep hate towards applying it. Which is probably why I fell so hard for this little bottle.

It’s easy to spray on and you barely have to rub it in. The consistency is actually like water, so it sinks in within seconds and won’t leave your skin feeling sticky. I just hope they bring this back next summer as well!

Vichy Minéral 89

This daily booster is like a glass of water for your skin! It’s meant to protect your skin, while also prepping it for the next steps in your skincare routine. It’s packed full of hyaluronic acid and mineral water, so it plumps and hydrates my skin leaving it looking fresh and glowy. It has a gorgeous gel-like texture that my skin just drinks up, and I love the fresh scent too.


I tried my very first sheetmask in 2018 and became immediately obsessed. Since then slapping a sheetmask on my face, while I do my dishes or just lounge on the couch watching Netflix, has been a weekly routine for me. I’ve always loved the magic that facemasks do for my skin, but found myself doing them way too rarely because I couldn’t be fussed with the application and washing off. (Did I mention I’m lazy?). But with sheetmasks you can skip all the work and still get the all the benefits!

My favourite sheetmasks are packed full of superfruits and come from It’s Skin. But Mizon and Holika Holika do some pretty good ‘uns as well.


What was your favourite beauty discovery in 2018?

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