My Natural Beauty Journey

My Natural Beauty Journey | Shakespeare & Sparkle

I first got into natural cosmetics about three years ago, when I stumbled in to a little Etsy shop called French Girl Organics. I immediately fell in love with not only the name of the brand (for obvious reasons) but also the pretty minimalist packaging. So really, my first step towards natural cosmetics had nothing to do with being natural.

Two years later I’m well into my natural beauty journey, and natural cosmetics have become a solid part of my daily beauty routine. I still have ways to go before everything in my beauty stash is natural. But I thought I’d share my natural beauty journey so far.


My Natural Beauty Journey | Shakespeare & Sparkle


Even though I first got interested in natural cosmetics because of some pretty packaging, it wasn’t long before I started to study up on all the benefits of natural beauty. I became more interested in wellness and healthy living in general, and through that my interest in natural beauty grew as well. One of my favourite quotes is “What you put on your body, goes in your body”. So I wanted to put less chemicals into my body and make more ethical choices in the process as well. My skin is also pretty sensitive and natural cosmetics has helped me sooth some skin woes.


At first I was quite prejudiced about natural cosmetics. I thought the products would be insanely expensive and uncomfortable to use. I was haunted by images of smelly products and ugly packaging. (That matters when your hobby includes taking photos of beauty bits). Luckily natural cosmetics has come a long way in the last few years. There’s now plenty of products that are just as beautiful and smell just as lovely as their traditional counterparts.

I first started experimenting with natural skincare. I’ve always hated the little plastic beads in scrubs, so my first natural products were a face and body scrub by Estelle & Thild. Now I haven’t bought a synthetic scrub in years. After that I tried a few moisturizers from French Girl Organics and fell head over heels for Herbivore’s Coco Rose body polish and lip balm (both of which I still own to this day). Antipodes’ Aura Manuka Honey mask is another skincare product that quickly found its way into my beauty routine.

My Natural Beauty Journey | Shakespeare & Sparkle


Herbivore’s Coco Rose bits are still some of my favourites. Especially the lip balm is something I haven’t strayed from in years! My other favourite is the brand’s Brighten pineapple mask, that smells just like panna cotta. I always have one of the Organic Shop’s hair masks and body scrubs in my shower, since they’re cheap as chips and smell absolutely delicious.

My latest natural beauty crush is the Finnish brand YA naturae. I’m completely hooked on the vanilla coconut scented body lotion and the hyaluronic acid serum has quickly replaced all my other serums. The Organic Flowers Eye Essence from Whamisa is the only eye cream that hasn’t given me a rash. Mossa also has some really lovely inexpensive natural skincare products.


I’ve pretty much got my beauty routine nailed down when it comes to skincare. But I have yet to venture into natural makeup and haircare. I recently made an order for my first haircare bits, and I’m slowly trying to make the change to a more natural haircare routine. Natural makeup is also something I’m really excited to try and I’ve already started testing my first foundations and lipsticks. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!

Do you use natural cosmetics? What are some of your favourite products?

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